Enable bluetooth headset microphone on Ubuntu 20.04

After months and months dealing with this freaking issue that has become a pain in the ass, for real, there is this article:

That made things working again. I just cannot believe how much effort is needed to make a simple bluetooth headset work on Ubuntu. It still doesn’t work great, but it is fine.

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Creating a SonarQube custom plugin for Kotlin

In Android we decided that we want to implement a unit test performance monitor. The reason for it is that sometimes some unit tests would execute in more than 1 second and it was all because we would use the Schedulers.trampoline() RxJava scheduler instead of the TestScheduler which is part of the RX package.

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Fix Lubuntu 14.04 Chromium fullscreen mode

I bought an old Dell D430 laptop which is pretty old and small (12″) and I installed Lubuntu 14.04.02

The problem is that the fullscreen mode on Chromium and Chrome is not working as expected. It hides the application bar at the bottom but does not allow the browsers to go fullscreen – tabs and address bar are staying in their place when you press F11.

The problem is that the F11 key is taken from the system to make the current focused window fullscreen. You can see it here: 


  1. Just go to ~/.config/openbox
  2. Backup the lubuntu-rc.xml file
  3. Edit the original one replacing the F11 shortcut for toggle fullscreen with F10 for example
  4. Logout and login again

And now when you press F11 in chrome or chromium it will go fullscreen, instead of using the default system shortcut.

Guake Terminal for Ubuntu not opening another terminal in the same folder

I use Guake for Ubuntu as a terminal. And there is this option in the Guake properties to set it to open the same directory you were in if you want another terminal. This is just now working with the latest version of Guake. To fix it just run the following:

gconftool-2 –set /apps/guake/general/open_tab_cwd –type=boolean true

And it will add a variable saying that you want the same folder opened when you open another terminal. 🙂

The bug can be found here: https://github.com/Guake/guake/issues/578