Ubuntu – Alt + Shift + any key switches the language and does not work

I faced this bug in Ubuntu 18.04. When I used Alt + Shift + 7 inside Webstorm which is the command for Find Usages, it actually changed the language because the command included Alt + Shift (I previously set this by using Gnome Tweak Tool). Here is a bug related to this in Launchpad.

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Installing Grub fails on Ubuntu 16.04

I got this nasty error when it came to having a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04. It says that GRUB cannot be installed on /target device. In order to fix this you need to:

  1. Create a partition around 300 mbs
  2. Use the FAT32 format and target it as EFI partition
  3. Choose that the GRUB installer should be installed on this 300 mbs partition

Then the installation should finish succesfully without any errors.

Add application to launcher in Ubuntu 16.04

Just use a program called alacarte:

sudo apt-get install alacarte

Click on the New Item button, write the command & name of the app, choose a logo if you want and you will see it appearing shortly in the Unity launcher by typing the name. Otherwise, you will have to create a *.desktop file and add it to .local/share/applications which I couldn’t make it work after spending a couple of hours.