Parse windows-1251 (cyrillic) request in axios

I am using axios to scrape some data from some websites. Currently, I hit the case where the encoding of the website is in windows-1251 and the response I got from the request wasn’t readable at all.

Here is a simple way to fix it:

axiosResponseTransformer: AxiosTransformer = (data: any, headers?: any) => {
        const iconv = new Iconv("windows-1251", "utf-8");
        data = iconv.convert(data);
        return data

    axiosConfig: AxiosRequestConfig = {
        responseType: "arraybuffer",
        transformResponse: this.axiosResponseTransformer
    client = axios.create(this.axiosConfig);

Just install the iconv package and then register a transformer that will convert the data from binary (“arraybuffer”) to data with utf-8 encoding. đŸ™‚

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