Local KtLint configuration for Android

KtLint & Detekt are tools that help us keep our code formatted in the same way and sometimes even help us spot errors before they are actually merged to master or develop.

Most of the CI integrations already include a detekt step before the unit tests are run. To avoid waiting for the CI, you can easily integrate ktlint as part of Git hooks. So every time when you decide to commit, Git hooks run and ktlint analyzes the committed files and prevents you from pushing until you fix your errors.

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Fix the display of the toolbar in Android Studio

From time to time I get this really nasty bug where the toolbar in Android Studio is aligned to the start of the screen.

I mean the part where you select the device and press Run, for some reason sometimes just moves to the left and bringing it back to the right is a bit of a pain. Also if you hide the main navigation toolbar by accident, then it is really hard to bring it back. Here is the solution:

  1. Close Android Studio.
  2. Go to Home/.config/Google/AndroidStudio2020.3/options
  3. Delete ui.Inf.xml

After that just start Android Studio as normal and all of the toolbars will be placed as they were by default.