Mockito verify input parameter was called with a given value

Edit 23.04.2018
According to this issue, Mockito cannot capture var-args still.

There is a very easy way to verify a method has been called with the right parameter in Mockito. All you need to do is use captors, to capture the actual argument. Here is how you can use them:

ArgumentCaptor argument = ArgumentCaptor.forClass(RuleEntity.class);

Simple it is, just a quick reminder for starters.

Test push notifications on Android without a server

How I used to do it

The biggest problem I have with push notifications and especially GCM is testing them. Every time I want to test a notification, I would create a sample project in Google Developers Console, use the JSON there and then use Postman to send HTTP requests to the device, after obtaining the device registration id and the token for the project.

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