Guake Terminal for Ubuntu not opening another terminal in the same folder

I use Guake for Ubuntu as a terminal. And there is this option in the Guake properties to set it to open the same directory you were in if you want another terminal. This is just now working with the latest version of Guake. To fix it just run the following:

gconftool-2 –set /apps/guake/general/open_tab_cwd –type=boolean true

And it will add a variable saying that you want the same folder opened when you open another terminal. 🙂

The bug can be found here:

Ubuntu – Alt + Shift + any key switches the language and does not work

I faced this bug in Ubuntu 18.04. When I used Alt + Shift + 7 inside Webstorm which is the command for Find Usages, it actually changed the language because the command included Alt + Shift (I previously set this by using Gnome Tweak Tool). Here is a bug related to this in Launchpad.

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