Are you a product developer or a project developer?

I am so sad to see really good developers leaving because we are not doing products but projects

an unknown CTO

Believe it or not, I heard the above on a lunch with the whole Android team and with the CTO of the whole company that I was working for. What does it mean to build a project vs building a product? Is there such a huge difference when you are developing a software solution? Let’s dig deeper into this.

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Enable bluetooth headset microphone on Ubuntu 20.04

After months and months dealing with this freaking issue that has become a pain in the ass, for real, there is this article:

That made things working again. I just cannot believe how much effort is needed to make a simple bluetooth headset work on Ubuntu. It still doesn’t work great, but it is fine.

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How to make DatePicker stretch when CalendarView does not fit the screen?

In Android we have to deal with both big screen and small screens, tablets, watches, TVs and many other devices. In our case, we had a device with a 3.2″ display and other one with 5″ display. And on both of them we show a DatePicker dialog to choose a date. And guess what? Especially for the current month of October, there was a small difference. Can you guess it in the screenshot below?

One day is missing
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Approaches not to cause a crash when setting toolbar title on the activity through a fragment

Setting a toolbar title on the activity should be easy, right? But what about if you want do it through a fragment? Still easy? Well, not exactly.

The issue is that you may try to touch the toolbar in a moment where the activity is actually still not inflated. This will cause an exception immediately and your app will crash. What is the exact issue?

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Fix the display of the toolbar in Android Studio

From time to time I get this really nasty bug where the toolbar in Android Studio is aligned to the start of the screen.

I mean the part where you select the device and press Run, for some reason sometimes just moves to the left and bringing it back to the right is a bit of a pain. Also if you hide the main navigation toolbar by accident, then it is really hard to bring it back. Here is the solution:

  1. Close Android Studio.
  2. Go to Home/.config/Google/AndroidStudio2020.3/options
  3. Delete ui.Inf.xml

After that just start Android Studio as normal and all of the toolbars will be placed as they were by default.

Why integration of Google Cast alongside Exoplayer really sucks?

Recently I played around with the integration of Google Cast inside Exoplayer and I was really amazed to see how bad it is and how much it sucks. I decided to write this post with the idea it will help someone else who is also struggling with the Google Cast integration for exoplayer.


So the requirements I had for the integration of Google Cast are quite simple:

  • Play an item on cast
  • Play a list of items – when you press Next you go to the next item
  • Forward / Backwards with 30 seconds – so you can skip through the track
  • Play / Pause support
  • Switch between lists of items – you can player item 2 of List A, you should be able to switch to item 3 of List B
  • Switch between phone playback and cast playback – switch from cast to app and from app to cast
  • Update the progress when casting – time elapsed should also be updated
  • Volume up/down are supported
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