Exporting Card.IO as a fragment

You probably know the famous card detection library called card.io. It is developed by PayPal and used worldwide. There is a lot of OpenCV usage behind it, but I will leave this for another article.

The problem

The problem is that the library can only be used as a separate module. You can call the card.io Activity and it will return you the results from the detection. But what if you want to embed the detection view inside your app? Well, sadly, there is no fragment for that. But the library is open-source so you can change everything to fit your needs. So let’s start then!

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Android Flux Architecture Example

I found Flux architecture for several months and I have written a couple apps with React & Flux and as an Android programmer also I think that it has to have an implementation.

So I decided to do it. You can check it HERE. I really believe that Flux for Android will be a “groundbreaker” (may be not my try but the whole concept :)).

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How to get ScrollView height (getHeight() = 0) and how to display an arrow that it is scrollable?

Lets say that we have a ScrollView which should ahave an arrow at its bottom. That arrow is visible only when the ScrollView is scrollable (That means it has more content than it can display).

In android the scrollview does not have a method isScrollable() and I am still wondering what is the reason. May be too complex realization.

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