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Creating a SonarQube custom plugin for Kotlin

In Android we decided that we want to implement a unit test performance monitor. The reason for it is that sometimes some unit tests would execute in more than 1 second and it was all because we would use the Schedulers.trampoline() RxJava scheduler instead of the TestScheduler which is part of the RX package.

Disabling update manager popup in Ubuntu

I want to stop the update manager from popping up in Ubuntu because I think that they release bad updates sometimes and really make the OS unstable. This is my personal opinion after 3 reinstallations in 2 months.

Android Studio Live Templates

I was really wondering how I can remove repetitive tasks from Android Studio by assigning shortcuts or tags and I found that IntelliJ has Live Templates which I bet that little programmers use. So as an example I wanted when I type the word “tag” within a class the following to be autocompleted:


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